_A! Lasto, le tithen
Linna i dhûlinn
Tl i lû lostad ln

Si, gochwiniathar i ngelaidh ah i hûl,
Glavratha i nen i 'lr n dhnen
A tiritha i Ithil in elei ln
Avo osto
Dûath le -brestathar

Nan meth anglenna i aur
Elin e gwedhanner na-thiliad n
Si, solo i chin ln

Gerich beth nn
Anperdu firithar fuinath e-hr
Na hdhui lodatha aen i olthad ln tr dhaw_

Oh! Listen, little one
The nightingale is singing
The time to go to bed comes

Trees and the wind will whirl together,
The water will babble its silent song
And the Moon will watch over your dreams
Dont be afraid
Shadows won't disturb you

The day approaches to the end
Stars have bound it by their sparkle
Now, close your eyes

You have my word
All glooms of today will fade by midnight
May it be your dreaming float through the night peacefully

*losta- "sleep"
*gochwinia- "whirl together" (go- + hwinia-)
*elei (pl.) l (sg.) "dream(s)"
*na-thiliad n "with/by their sparkle" (nan + thiliad)
*anperdu "with/by midnight" (an + per + dû, but this has not yet been commented so it remains very uncertain)
*na hdhui "peacefully" (na + sdhui), I followed the attested example _na vedui_ which the prep. _na_ and adjective