Guides and summaries:
- the file ISS-110.pdf contains the main texts in Tengwar (in English, Sindarin and Quenya)

Mellonath Daeron - DTS
- Index of published Tengwar samples

Dan Smith's Guide

Amanye Tenceli
- learn Tengwar with Måns Björkman's Guide

How to write in Tengwar
- comprehensive guide on how to write in Tengwar by Gildor Inglorion

Harri Perälä's Tengwar guide

Chris McKay's 4th-200.pdf
- accelent guide of all known modes for Quenya, Sindarin, English and Black Speech, now updated

Mellonath Daeron - Tengwar Guides
- Per Lindberg's great guides to both Quenya and Sindarin Tengwar modes

Quenta Eldatencelion: History of writing by Gildor Inglorion
- learn the development of writing systems from Rúmil's Sarati to Tengwar of Third Age.

- Ostadan's overview of development of both Tengwar and Cirth

BP Jonsson alias Melroch presents his view on Tengwar

Download fonts:
Johan Winge's Tengwar Annatar
Daniel Steven Smith's Tengwar Sindarin
Måns Björkman's Tengwar Parmaite
Enrique Mombello's Elfica
Harri Perälä's Tengwar Cursive

WEB based transcriber: on-line
TengScribe: on-line

Other FAQ links:
FAQ on Elfling
FAQ by Gildor Inglorion

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